The Phonies™ – 2016 Awards

Forget the Oscars, SAG, Golden Globes, Tonys, Grammys, Webbys, Espys…where a majority of leftists hypocrites spill their bile and contempt for the rest of us…the real majority…

Announcing, for the first time EVER, The Phonies Awards ™ or The Phonies ™.  Recognizing the frauds, the fakes and the phoniest among us for the prior year!

Unlike the bullcrap of the backslapping, incestuous above-named awards and in keeping with the leftist ideal of “participation trophies” each Nominee is ALSO a declared, undisputed winner and they are:

Category: Politician


John McCain + Lindsay Graham – paired together as they appear to be in real life, these two are useful idiots to the leftist media complex and the epitome of RINOs, hence, their phoniness.

Barack Obama – a pretender to the Office of the Presidency.  If the end of his term can be likened to a divorce, it would be based on, “it was him America, not you…”  A man who promised “fundamental transformation” and worked tirelessly to undermine the United States in both foreign and domestic affairs, his election wins were based on nothing but being a phony (“hope and change”?) and affirmative action hire to the highest office in the land.  The verdict on his presidency, rendered by the American people, was the election of Donald Trump who promised to basically undo his entire legacy.

Paul Ryan –   a capitulating traitor to those he represents, a good number of members of his caucus and the American people.  A RINO and phony extraordinaire who apparently cannot and does not grasp the proper role of his Speakership.

Bernie Sanders – a useful idiot to the DNC; a phony to the end when he accepted his payoff in return for an endorsement and embrace of their losing candidate.  The aged socialist obviously has, for all his time in government, no use or understanding of the US Constitution and would gladly substitute his own “wisdom” for that of the Founders of the greatest country in the history of mankind.


Hillary Clinton – a fraud whose only, ONLY qualifications for anything are: (1) being married to a former president (2) stuck with him during his numerous affairs (3) has the “right” reproductive organs and (4) containing “bimbo” eruptions.  She’s a losing fraud whose entire political career depended on the stupidity of a certain percentage of the electorate and pretending to “care” about ordinary people.  On her own, she accomplished nothing to improve the lives of those she claims to champion.

Marilyn Mosby – a hapless prosecutor who missed her real calling as a community organizer to pretend that she cares about the rule of law.  Her 15 minutes of fame will, hopefully, end with being named here.

Elizabeth Warren – a shrill creature who built her political career on having the right kind of “cheekbones.”  At some point, there must be a movement to have her pay reparations to Native Americans for fraud and stealing their affirmative action benefits.  That this person should have the kind of megaphone she does is a testament to the mental condition of too many voters in Massachusetts.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – a corrupt crook and the phony leader of the DNC who had to resign for her lack of impartiality and rigging of the Democrat party’s primaries to a predetermined outcome.  Just how much of a disgrace does one have to be to resign as DNC chairman?  Well, it’s like being forced to step down as the godfather in the mafia.

Category: Media personality

To loosely quote “Star Wars” – a more detestable gallery of “scum and villainy” cannot be identified, admittedly, this list can only be expanded.


Wolf Blitzer – so-called journalist who is simply too stupid (see his Jeopardy performance) to understand what his role as a “journalist” should be; an unwitting fraud who, according to Wikileaks, colluded with the DNC while preparing to interview candidate Trump.

Charles Blow – phony, pseudo-intellectual, elitist, racist.  His last name may actually refer to the way he’s managed to “work” his way up the NY Times ladder.

David Brooks – the “Crease Sniffer,” “house conservative” of the NY Times.  Never, in the course of journalism history, has one man been so wrong and been rewarded so well for doing so little for the cause he supposedly believes in.  Reflect on this for a minute and it would become clear that he’s nothing more than a complete and utter failure at what he professes to know (see also, Paul Krugman) and yet, to the readers of the NY Times, he’s given some credibility.

Thomas L. Friedman – the “L” is for lunatic, elitist, know-it-all who belongs in the faculty lounge comparing how brilliant and shiny his unicorns are relative to the other know-it-alls who haven’t done a damn thing in their lives that is useful to anyone but themselves.

John Harwood – is to journalism what a wood chipper is to a tree.  A first-class, sycophantic, John Podesta boot-licker.  Exposed by Wikileaks as the fraudulent “journalist” that he is.

Bill Kristol – phony “conservative,” hasn’t been right about anything for a long time and the streak will likely continue under President Trump.

Paul Krugman – anyone who is as wrong in his/her day job as Krugman is as an economist is bound to be as angry as he is.  A complete failure who predicted dire economic circumstances to follow a Trump victory was, obviously, as wrong about the outcome of the election.  A weasel and a fraud, whose theoretical “science” is also a fraud – except for the basic law of supply and demand.

Dana Milbank – another racist, pseudo-intellectual who believes that he has the capacity to understand regular, main stream America; a fake “journalist.”

Jim Rutenberg – admitted, openly, that the garbage paper he writes for had abandoned any pretense of objectivity; a “phony” journalist.

Chuck Todd – a self-righteous prat (is he yet receiving psychological counseling like his predecessor?); exposed by Wikileaks as being on the down low with the Clinton crime family.  Minus his goatee and moustache, he’d easily be mistaken for something a powerful celebrity might grab freely; that is, a pussy.

George Will – the formerly bow-tie wearing, sanctimonious, know-it-all, “intellectual” conservative whose only mark in life would be the verbal diarrhea he’s offered the everyman for decades; none of which amounted to a damn thing.


Donna Brazile – for colluding and being a conduit between CNN and the Clinton campaign; passing on debate questions in a rigged scheme to boost her candidate.

Katie Couric – for fraudulent and phony editing of her “gun control” documentary

Andrea Mitchell – for being a phony “journalist” and nothing more than a shill for the Democrat party

Martha Raddatz – yet another phony “journalist” who was also a phony “moderator” or rather a participant in one of the presidential debates.  Her near breakdown on election night should confirm the partisan nature of her coverage.


Category: Entertainer (actors/actresses), Sports Figure

For each of the following – the phonies are awarded in recognition of their supposed “feel” and “understanding” of the common man with whom none of these people can actually relate.  The pretense that they, by virtue of their position, are capable of knowing what is best for each person out there; their encouragement for such persons, followers, to act on their prodding and behest is to take themselves way, way too seriously.  But this is what happens when you believe your own PR and “buzz.”  These frauds, phonies assume that those they “speak for” are too stupid to know what’s in their best interest; this is what they fail to recognize and where their “powers” end.  Relying on the stupidity of people regarding public policies is no way to go through life (ask Hillary Clinton) and threatening to leave the country if you don’t get your outcome in an election is not and cannot be a persuasive argument for people to vote for your preferred candidate; in fact, in many cases, it’s an argument to OPPOSE your candidate. 


George Clooney, Stephen Colbert, Colin Kaepernick, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Trevor Noah, Bruce Springsteen, Jay Z.


Joy Behar, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg, Madonna, Katy Perry, Amy Schumer

Category: Media outlet

Is there anything that really needs to be said about this group?  By their “reporting” one will know them and their true insidious nature.  Collectively, they are the American PRAVDA but while Pravda was coerced, state-sponsored propaganda; these people willfully and knowingly gave up their freedom in pursuit of their ideology.

ABC, AP, CBS, CNN, Huffington Post, LA Times, NBC, NY Times, Politico, Washington Post

Category: An organization or movement

Anthropomorphic Global Warming – a fraud perpetrated by virtue of fraudulent, rigged, “consensus.”  The believers really don’t know, their dire predictions have failed, their computer models are subject to inputs that cannot possibly be known and even if they were, natural unpredictable events such as a solar flare/storm or a volcanic eruption will render it all useless.

BLM – The “Built on Lies Movement” period and thus a phony.

CGI/Clinton Foundation – a “charitable” organization that spent less than 10% of its funding on “charity,” how can it not be a fraudulent, phony and yes, another RICO entity meant to enrich the Clintons?

DNC – A RICO organization par excellence; a party built on a handful of elites pretending to give a crap about the common man.  No matter how many battles they win; sooner or later, the various identity groups that comprise this party will be at each other’s throat and the fraudulent phony exercise that is their experiment will come crashing down.  There is no political war these people will ever win because it will be a scorched earth affair.

Never Trumpers – a collection of losers, demonstrably so; their phoniness is derived from the fact that their “Never Trumpism” was propelled by their own “intellectual” sense of what and who is conservative.  The true decision was not to be left to the rank-and-file, the grassroots, the unwashed, in the primaries, no; they were to be the arbiters and the rest of us were to be subjects of their groupthink.  The election revealed these people for the phonies they are and were and that the agenda they advocate is that which makes them part of the elites.

Planned Parenthood – a complete misnomer and hence its fraudulent, phony, nature; should actually be called, “Planning Non-Parenthood” to reflect what they are actually about.

Category: Event, incident or news item

Violent incidents attributed to Mr. Trump’s campaign when in fact, it was paid agitators of the left; hoax incidents blamed on Mr. Trump’s election victory; the faux outrage over transgender bathrooms; Russian “hack” of the elections.

Category: Historical

Walter Cronkite – when the media crowns you (“the most trusted man in America”) it automatically, reflexively, should be recognized as the opposite.  Cronkite was a phony newsman who, in this day, will be exposed along with all of his colleagues noted above as a Democrat, leftist, operative.

Al Gore – the fraudulent, self-aggrandizing, global warming Imam.

Ted Kennedy – same as Cronkite, “the lion of the Senate,” did nothing in his career but devour the liberties of the American people; a fraudulent representative to his people, a traitor to the founding principles of his country and of course, some may say, a killer.

Dan Rather – see “Rathergate,” perhaps the forerunning purveyor of fake news; another fraudulent journalist, yes, hailed as an icon among his brethren.

Category: Special Achievement

Pope Francis – should be tried for heresy; a man whose place should be right next to Rev. Jeremiah Wright preaching “black liberation theology” or some variation of it.  In about one generation, the world has gone from Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher to the communist and communist-embracing likes of the Castro Brothers, Barack Obama and Pope Francis.  If there was ever a time to doubt the real agenda of organized religion, it is now.

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